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“Death was at my back,” Honor Molloy recalled of the weeks she was writing “Crackskull Row” in 1999. Her father, the pioneering Irish actor John Molloy, had just died on the West Coast. “He was a resident of Berkeley, of all places,” she said of a man who’d spent his 70 years almost entirely in Dublin. Then her sister was told she was terminally ill. “She was given six months,” Molloy said. “She lived six weeks.” Although the play had remained unproduced until 2016 – it will debut as part of Origin’s 9th Annual 1st Irish Theatre Festival on Thursday – she said that in the intervening years “a lot of good stuff came out of writing it.” For one thing, Molloy got a year-long Harvard fellowship. But ultimately, a play is a collaborative process. “It’s never finished until it’s on the stage,” she said. “It’s great to see these Dublin actors work on the text,” Molloy said of Terry Donnelly, Colin Lane and Gina Costigan. They are joined by John Charles McLaughlin, an American actor, and directed by Kira Simring. “Crackskull Row” is set in a particular place, the partly real, partly mythological Dublin home in which she lived as a child.
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