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Mr. Kinevane is a multifaceted performer who understands the astonishing effect of illusion, which can only be achieved with the seamless fusion of word, movement, sound and the moments when he allows silence to breathe, affirming an unequaled isolation. As actor, dancer, and vocalist he is intelligent, fluid, honest, intense and poignant, but foremost, he wraps his spirit around the human element, hypnotizing the audience almost compelling them to surrender their emotions. He is a master at his craft; modest, unpretentious, skilled, and focused, never preaching but offering clear opportunity for discovery. Nothing is lacking in this production and the collaboration with director Jim Culleton is perfection only enhanced by the sound composed and designed by Denis Clohessy. Too many superlatives exist to describe the work of Pat Kinevane and are superfluous. What is obligatory is to thank him for sharing his incredible gift and providing an opportunity to experience a master at work in the theater. read more

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