Fly Me to the Moon – Backstage; Review

“Fly Me to the Moon,” the new comedy by Marie Jones at 59E59 Theaters in the 1st Irish Festival, is just plain fun. It details the misadventures of two healthcare workers who contemplate an illegal act in order to crawl out from under the financial burdens weighing down their lives. The play delights us while making a subtle point about the difficult monetary straits in which many working-class people inNorthern Irelandfind themselves. While it doesn’t plumb psychological depths or break new ground in terms of form or content, it does present likable characters humorously scrabbling to get out of a tight but believable dilemma. The result is 107 minutes of smart, enjoyable theater….Katie Tumelty makes Francesa hilarious blend of manipulator and penitent, and Tara Lynne O’Neill, as Loretta, provides a tasty mixture of hesitation and recklessness. Jones directs her cast of two with smooth pacing, never allowing the boisterous action to flag while providing just the right amount of space for a few introspective moments. Niall Rea’s simple set makes Davy’s faceless, cramped, and lifeless bedroom painfully real. read more

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