Jimmy Titanic – Woman Around Town; Review

A remarkable piece of pared down theater manages to entertain, inform, move, and comment from a completely original point of view….The sweep and momentum of Jimmy Titanic is born by a single shape-shifting actor (Colin Hamell) who plays some 20 characters including John Jacob Astor, a prissy, Puckish Angel Gabriel and God (who chain smokes.)

Colin Hamell has the energy and passion of a holy roller evangelist. They must carry him out on a stretcher. The mercurial actor zips from role to role with only a change of lighting and blink between, if that. Most characters have distinguishing cadence. His portrayal of the unsophisticated, jaunty, and likeable Jimmy is irresistible. Hamell occupies the stage with dynamism and focus.

Director Carmel O’Reilly utilizes the small space with terrific ingenuity. Her actor is rarely still for long and manages to effect location changes by interacting with a single piece of movable set.  read more

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